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Ained father daughter relationshipBut for a new "Beginner In Nakshatra Astrology Is "in Nakshatra Astrology is uite good helpful bookPrice f physical copy is too high for a 160 page book doesn t contain all the information I am happy I purchased Kindle version for uite less This was a very crisp and clear explanation Le dernier templier of the nakshatras The concepts were easy to follow and can be easily referenced Bought this for Christmas for my daughterVery pleased with this product A beautiful book I recommend it if you re starting to learn about Vedic Astrology an what to understand the basisf the Nakshatras As a beginner I enjoyed the information in this book My ten year Le Baron de Hund et la Stricte Observance Templière old child also enjoyed my reading it to him Good job Vic The book was not bad albeit left One wanting for detailsn the Nakshatras I found the images used to resemble simple Google images copy Le Second Messie : Les Templiers, le suaire de Turin et le grand secret de la Franc-maçonnerie often with little to no astheticAlso would have been helpful to include informationn reading KundlisOverall experience not impressed as most Traité sur la réintégration des êtres of this information can Be foundn a simple Google search Youtube A Guide to Mystical France: Secrets, Mysteries, Sacred Sites of the Upanishads I am primarily a studentf archetypes and the unconscious yoga and Somatics which I also teach so I found my way to Vedic astrology and Nakshatras through this path I find this guide to these stellar energies and the authors synthesis in this and his Féminin actif, féminin solaire other booksn astrological energies invaluable to my continued study and development As a bonus there is an extensive collection Coco Panache of companion YouTube videos and tutorials the author had made to continue to metabolize the invaluable Vedic mythology for self study This book contains mythology stories about Indian Gods to explain the meaningf each Zanoni ou la sagesse des Rose-Croix of 27 nakshatras It doesn t provide practical information about the nakshatras It is very abstract In the endf the book the author is trying with 2 3 sentences to give the main meaning Les noces chymiques de Christian-Rose-Croix of each nakshatra but it is not enough information to understand very well the concept In mypinion the book is missing in its main part the author s view in nakshatras he has simply collected stories but would be good to explain nakshatras in unders. Varuna and nearly forgotten gods like AjaikapatIf you are a spiritual seeker you will discover the La nuée sur le sanctuaire ou Quelque chose dont la philosophie orgueilleuse de notre siècle ne se doute pas originf the universe the meaning Les cathares et la reincarnation of life and essential clues in the eternal uest for the fountainf youthThe 160 pages Les Mystères templiers of this book are abundantly replete with exact references and footnotes to satisfy the scholars among you The book is dripping with dramatic storytelling filled with philosophy as clear and deep as a Himalayan lake and precisely presents the perfectly useful astrological symbolismf the divine starsVic DiCara's exploration and definitive research n the lunar mansions brings the primordial zodiac alive with the rich symbolism and sacred stori. This is a great book n Nakshatras I highly recommend it to every person who is just starting herhis journey in Vedic astrology but also to see with deeper knowledgeI reread it and find useful information every time Thank you Vic for your great book Marvellous A Scholarly Work A real scientific temper at its bestIt is a work based Le bois du templier pendu onriginal thought and Comment contacter les anges les plus proches de nous ? original work and efforts But let me warn you It is not a workn Astrology It is work Le Guide des archanges dans le monde animal on Nakshatras as a scholarly renditionf understanding pursuing a uery and performing a scientific evaluation f Vedic and puranic sources Secondly those who do not know anything about Vedic knowledge may not buy it However those who are serious readers and seek some real understanding and also those who want to undertake study in astrology they should definitely go through it It is another thing that he has given some "OF HIS OWN INTERPRETATIONS BUT THAT IS AS PER "his wn interpretations But that is as per craft Archanges et Maîtres ascensionnés - Comment travailler et guérir avec les divinités et les déités of scientific evaluationf the sources which he has referred Worth money and time spend n it Those who swear by Vedic knowledge and Sanskrit language may just try to peep into it and learn how to be humble and then claim glory for the things for which they shout with pitched screams about their greatness A great workSecondly those who read it n Kindle n PC they may use greatness A great workSecondly those who read it n Kindle Enquête sur les anges on PC they may use Font In Georgia Font many Sanskrit Transliterations do not appear correctly The boxes appear That destroy the continuityf the comprehension Those who know Hindi Tous médiums ! (CD) or Sanskrit they may manageOne thing his paperback editions are too costly I had so much high hopes from this book about Nakshatra I was disappointed It doesn t contain all the mythological storiesf the related Gods For example in Pushya Nakshatra the interconnected story Comment pratiquer le magnétisme angélique - Manuel d'exercices pour ouvrir votre canal spirituel of its lord Jupiter with Tara and Soma is missing And the eventsccurring in that particular story is an important feature ua carte du paradis - Comment la science, la religion, et les gens de tous horizons prouvent que l'a of pushya Nakshatra natives especially if it is connected to their 7th housef marriage Similarly for Chitra Nakshatra the interconnected story Le Chemin de la guérison - Enseignements de l'archange Raphaël + CD inclus of its lord Vishwakarma with her daughter is missing and that story shows why these natives have a str. Over a decadef dedicated research Over a year La bible des anges of writing and editing With the blessings and guidancef a swami a babaji and a Sanskrit scholar Vic DiCara presents you the world's most definitive simple and completely awesome explanation Mourir n'est pas mourir of the mythology and meaning within the 27 starsf ancient Indian astrologyIf you are an astrologer Contacter nos défunts par l'hypnose or a fanf astrology you will be transformed by Vic's radically clear and straightforward explanations Le Chemin de l'amour inconditionnel - Cartes oracle of Sanskrit Vedic mythology and masteryf intuitive symbolismIf you are a lover Devenir hyperconscient of India and her culture you will delight in these deep revelations and rare expositionsf familiar gods like Vishnu not so familiar gods like.

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27 Stars, 27 Gods: The Astrological Mythology f Ancient IndiaTandable and practical way through his experience The book was not as was expected probably beacuse I personally had high expectations However this book is a good start for beginners in Nakshatra study and is useful for intermediate students to fall back n Mystères de Paris once in a while to refresh their understanding and meditate upon the symbology and meaningf each NakshatraThe author may want to give attention to correcting errors here and there and devote time for proof reading for the next version f the book Thanks much I personally enjoyed reading it Before finding this and proof reading for the next version f the book Thanks much i personally enjoyed reading it before finding this personally enjoyed reading it Before finding this The Authentic Heart Éléonore et les démagicatrices of Vedic Astrology I was lost due to life circumstances that I could have never foreseen coming Itpened my eyes and gave me access to a whole new world that Ondes de vie, ondes de mort only existed in my dreams My fearf the unknown decreased due to the clarity gained through the simplicity L'Au-delà sans peur of the explanationsf the nakshatras gods symbolism etc The universal connection to ther theories and the combination f resources used allowed me to see the greater picture Témoins de la vie après la vie of events taking place in my life and how the materials needed to create prosperity lie within It presents a wide rangef knowledge and combines them without judgment that Mes petites prières pour guérir avec l'aide des anges (Coffret) one concept is superior to thether allowing room for growth and expansion Le Papillon de l'au-delà - Conversation avec mon père disparu of ideas that has the power to create unity for allThanks Vic This is an excellent compilationf material Le grand livre des esprits de Noël on the Nakshatras The author clearly knows his material and he presents it in a clear and very concise manner with lotsf great stories from the Vedic tradition If you want to learn about the Nakshatras and the meanings behind them this is a great place to beginMy concern is that if you are not a Hare Krishna person you are going to find numerous instances where the author inserts VishnuKrishna into the discussion where in my Le Livre secret de l'Au-Delà opinion it isut L'Âme des animaux of place It gets distracting and uite frankly takes away from the brilliancef this work It is sort LA REINCARNATION - GUIDE PRATIQUE POUR RETROUVER VOS VIES ANTERIEURES of like reading great material with blipsf propaganda mixed inBy all means buy the book read "IT AND MAKE UP YOUR OWN MIND IT IS "and make up your Fantômes et apparitions : Révélations sur les phénomènes étranges own mind It is worth the time and mone. Esf Indian lore We Agir avec les anges often forget that the basisf Vedic astrology will always be the mystical mythology associated with Jyotish the science La Bible des fées of light Mr DiCara's brilliant text illuminatesur path home to the divine through his deep understanding and the blessings Affaires étranges - Histoires authentiques Paranormal, ufologie, mystère (Hors collection - adultes) of the gods and goddessesf ancient India Dennis M Harness PhDPsychologist Writer and Vedic Astrologer27 Stars 27 Gods is a fantastically deep book about the fixed stars La République mystérieuse : Des elfes, faune, fées et autres semblables of Vedic astrology It is well written and well researched and is a clear and enjoyable read I highly recommend it for everyone from astrologers to yogis and everyone in between Juliana Swanson RNACVA Teacher Jyotish Visharada & Kov.