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 Essentials of Medical AstrologyI was using Nakshatra and Body Organs Given In organs as given in but almost ALL astrologers sticking to Parashara s definition I was in two minds over how much of this was relevant My discoveries roved correct Dr Charak himself is using Nakshatra body arts listing from Narada Purana I must say is the best description ever I have checked them with over 300 charts in my records with medical history and I must say it is ACCURATEI re Yet some of the aspects covered thoroughly and usefully their choice is weird doesn t offer the comprehensive overview as an astrology health manual Patchy Incomplete This hard to get item was a great deal OK Very good Wow amazing info thank you Very good book that s been writte. The 'Essentials of Medical Astrology' is the standard book on Vedic astrology which lays down detailed rinciples relevant to the analysis of a horoscopic chart with disease and its various aspects as the main focus of attention Some of the rominent features of this work are Standardization "of approach to analysis of a chart related to disease Use "approach to analysis of a chart related to disease Use four vargas or divisional charts and two dashas to N very lucidly The author of this book is himself a "Orthopedic Surgeon at AIIMS Combining his vast medical knowledge alongwith his knowledge of astrology Dr Charak has done an excellent job "Surgeon at AIIMS Combining his vast medical knowledge alongwith his knowledge of astrology Dr Charak has done an excellent job writing this book Looking at the nakshatra lords of all Contes des brillantes montagnes avant la nuit planets with respect tolanetary ositions in the Birth Chart Drekanna chart and Shashthamsha charts is an interesting way of assessing the health of a erson The one thing I like most about Dr Charak s approach is his sense of systemmatic analysis and clear explanations of many of example charts he gives On the whole a very important book for medical astrology A very good book on Vedic Hindu Medical AstrologyDrCharak has explained the relationship between Heidi planets. Nsure an accurate assessment of the chart Discussion ofrinciples of sound and unsound health Indications for congenital ailments An elaborate approach to ensure accurate timing of onset of disease and its outcome Hints about the ossible Site Of Disease As of disease as as the nature of disease using the significations of houses and lanets and the Drekkanas A detailed account of the rinciples of Balarishta

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And various diseases caused by "ThemFurther The Book Has Astrological "the book has astrological for diseasesDrCharak explains in his own exclusive style use of core Carte routière : Rhône - Alpes, N° 244 principles of Vedic Medical Astrology such as the twenty second Drekkana the sixty fourth Navamsha the Sarpa Drekkanaincluding the much ignored Gulika to decide the outcome and nature of illness Highly recommended to learn the essentials of Vedic Medical AstrologyIt would not be out oflace to mention that the Author DrCharak is MSSurgeryWho else than DrCharakwith the master skills of a Doctor Vedic Medical Astrologer would be in a better osition to write a *GOOD BOOK ON VEDIC MEDICAL ASTROLOGYHIGHLY *book on Vedic Medical AstrologyHighly BEST OF THE VERY BESTDrPariharVedic Medical Astrologer. Nd Arishta Bhanga The use of such subtle rinciples of Vedic astrology as the twenty second Drekkana the sixty fourth Navamsha the Sarpa Drekkana and Gulika or Mandi to decide on the onset and outcome of illness Classical combinations indicating some of the common ailments and the scientific approach to application of these Les monts en feu : La guerre en Faucigny, 1793 principles to actual horoscopic chartsA must for all students of Vedic astrology.