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Le Paléolithique en République du Gabon :: Étude des industries préhistoriques du Haut Ogooué yAnd really enjoyed it Sometimes the narrator on audible books can really make or break howou end up feeling about the book and in this

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it was well done Some other reviewers have complained about the first half of the book being too mundane but I felt really drawn into the story and loved the character development as we learned about the family members and their individual personalities The second half of the book is very emotional and heart wrenching as the main character learns to adjust to this horrific event in her life Overall a well developed story exceptionally written and relatable that *sneaks up on ou anna uindlen surprised me *up on ou Anna uindlen surprised me this book Then surprised me again And again She is a masterful story teller who can take the most mundane things and contextualize them into significant moments uindlen utilizes this skill as she uietly draws the reader into the Latham family We see the good the bad the ordinary and think we know where the story is going Then uindlen blasts us out of the water and the story moves away from what we mistakenly view as the climax to focus on the inner life of one woman trying to continue on when her world has been blown to bits This story is about I m a huge fan of Anna uindlen This book exemplifies her talent at uiet character development and subtle plotting By the time the climax of the story came I was so involved with the characters they felt like personal friends and I needed a box I was so involved with the characters they felt like personal friends and I needed a box tissues This book hits hard at the heart of every woman asking the uestion that haunts us all what really makes a good mother Mary Beth the mother who tells the story is forced to examine her actions and her motives in this poignant tale The first part of this great story might seem a little slow but stick with it The rewards are great I found this offering by the author disappointing compared to the previous 2 books I read The idea seems a good one on paper but it doesn t deliver This is due to a large extent to the characters which are mere cardboard cutouts so conventional snug and wellthinking This is particularly true of the heroine a soccer mum devoid of self criticism and riddled with psychological blind spots Ultimately they fail to engage our sumpathy except perhaps for the viilain of the story and the misfit twin of the familyThe story is so literal that it becomes annoying I did wonder whether it was a clever ploy by the author to subvert our jugment but I think there is not enough to go on and a face value reading is expected here It is so well thinking and self righteous that it becomes a caricature making it an involuntary endictment of American middle class society A disaster waiting to happen The events of the novel make it a difficult read as the tragedy unfolds Perhaps it s the essential American ness of uindlen s style which I d never particularly noticed in previous novels which began to grate as the story went on The narrator Mary Beth is so determined to be the perfect mom that when her life unravels she spends almost half the novel agonising about her feelings T one secret shameful act has set the course of her fate Every Last One is a mesmerising and devastating portrait of family life and a testament to the power of a mothers love and determination It is Anna uindlens finest work to dat. Hometown boyfriend There are simmering jealousies between the twins The husband is worthy but dull WE GET IT So can we just get on with the story But maybe that is just me It is a hard book to write about without giving away the central drama which after trawling through the first half of the book does come as rather an abrupt shock The second half of the book describes the aftermath of this event and untangles a couple of mysteries including why Mary Beth had such a major falling out with her former friend Deborah a side drama I found completely implausible I do not know when this novel was written but I imagine Miller s Way came later as it shows a greater command of character portrayal and plot development This isn t a terrible book but it is no way in the same league as Anne Tyler or Elizabeth Strout I bought this on the strength of the good reviews and thought I was well prepared for what lay ahead For me personally a book doesn t have to centre around a gripping plot nor does it have to be page after page of suspense and action In fact I really enjoy an exploration of the mind and very detailed descriptive prose and I m not too What a wonderful book Beautifully written and of the mind and very detailed descriptive prose and I m not too What a wonderful book Beautifully written and times too sad to read It isn t a long book normally I d crack through a good novel of this size in a day However there were parts of this book that were so heartbreakingly real that I had to put it down and walk awayso in the end it took me 4 days and I only wish it had been longer I will be downloading of her work ASAP but won t read them uickly if they are as good as this they should be saved and savouredI don t know if the author has experienced any of the experiences Mary Beth goes through in the book I hope not and I think not It would probably be too hard to write about This makes her achievement of realistically describing the reactions and emotions of her protagonists all the impressiveThis book and the people in it from the elderly to the middle aged to the oungsters are all realistically portrayed and three dimensional They will stay with me for a long time They are as real to me as my friends and neighbours and I don t think fiction can get much better than that And it took me a little while to find the rhythm of it It seemed as if everything was being told in snapshots Grief snapshots of time with an explanation of the picture The main character was a woman with a husband and three children She is a good person in the way we are all good Her family was her entire Center And that is what I came away knowing about her She did other things but her family was her entire Center I didn t feel as if any other character had that A fleshing out They felt incomplete for me It took a bit for me to understand that this book is about her Entirely about her About her after that this book is about her Entirely about her About her after didn t realize how emotionally I had connected until I found myself crying It was a very good read The only other Anna uindlen books I ve read is black and blue I will be reading another Anna uindlen has a way with words I read this as part of my book club last month. S to unravelAs Mary Beth focuses on him she discovers that the comfortable life she has spent ears constructing has been shattered by a single traumatic moment Forced to confront her own demons Mary Beth must face the knowledge tha. I can only say if You Are Sensitive Beware This are sensitive Beware this is very emotional I ll be really honest there is a great deal of character lossI teared upmy heart achedif it wasn t for the fact that this read was our book club choice I would never have finished it due To The Very Heartbreaking Subject the very heartbreaking subject With that said the character development was not great Trouver ses ancêtres sur Internet : Filae.com you only really get to know Marybeth the mother and even she was so confusing so peculiar in her ways and her decisions and the way she related to her family and friendsIts the type of read that makesou say well I liked that one line or that paragraph but not the whole readThe writing style and storytelling was not worth the heartbreak of this book I was left finishing this read not hating it but not able to recommend it The author had a few emotional depth shining moments but overall it was a sadsadsad with a main character that wasn t so very unlikable in the end This was a very good book that held my interest throughout It built from a slow beginning to points where I had trouble putting it down The ratings from my book club were a bit mixed as the story line came close at some points to our own life experiences It led to a lot of compare and contrast discussion as well as how I would have how I have managed some of the issues detailed in the story line I would recommend it for a book club selection as lively discussion is so much desired and the range of human emotions is such that everyone will find a talking point Well written of course Beautiful characters Again of course From the beginning the reader knows someone is going to die or be maimed for life so I was constantly guessing who be maimed for life so I was constantly guessing who might be but ou don t find out what tragedy befalls until half way through the book Do not read I recently read Miller s Valley and rejoiced as I imagined I had stumbled upon the new AnneTyler I enjoyed this well written and satisfying novel very much So with great optimism I ordered two Anna uindlen novels for my Kindle the first being Every Last One This one sadly has not lived up to the bar set by Miller s Valley This novel seems to be a case of over egging the pudding in the first half The novels ambles along with much description of the Latham family s ordinary American life We learn about the slightly arty and bohemian daughter Ruby with a boyfriend she is outgrowing the twins Alex and Max with their dramatically different personalities and the issues surrounding the rather surly and introverted Max We meet Glen the amiable and reliable eye doctor husband and finally Mary Beth the protagonist and narrator of this tragic tale Mary Beth is a typical middle class suburban housewife with a flourishing home business as a landscape gardener It is through her voice that the story is told So far so good But there is an excess of detail and layering of scene after scene building up this picture of happy families in the suburbs uindlen seems to underestimate the reader and makes one wish to shout Okay I get it I get it The daughter is arty and destined for better things than her. The Lathams seem to have it allHealth wealth a vibrant family life as Mary Beth Latham contemplates a life built around home friends and community she has every reason to feel fulfilled and contentThat is until one of her sons begin.

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Every Last One: The stunning Richard and Judy Book Club pick

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