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Able and rare it s a Vermeer How the painting came to be in Cornelius s possession is the plot of the book each chapter taking us back into time to walk alongside the Vermeer masterpiece and each chapter taking us back into time to walk alongside the Vermeer masterpiece and it s storyI was impressed with Vreeland s superb research and storytelling talents This was a wonderful book that is not only an excellent work of historical fiction but also presents an intriguing mystery that makes for an enjoyable read Despite the

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star review am not implying that this book is bad or poorly written This is an author who writes well The reason behind the three stars was the format of the story It starts in the present tense and goes backward through history It s a beautiful way to tell the story of the painting and its journey through time but I found myself losing interest as the book continued farther into the past Events that I might have enjoyed reading earlier in the story seemed to lose meaning as I turned pages While I understand the reason behind telling the story behind each owner of the picture I kept wanting the make it full circle and return to the present ay charactersThe ending isn t as sad as some novels I ve read but the book left me with a epressing perspective Not every book has to have a happy ending and in a sense the ending of the book was "really the beginning of the painting s story Still the ending left me feeling issatisfied with both the "the beginning of the painting s story Still the ending left me feeling Manuel de survie à l'usage des working girls : Bienvenue au Fight Club féministe ! dissatisfied with both the and the time I invested in reading their stories There is no J'ai mal à mon travail doubt that this is beautifully written however like some have stated the story line was so fractured that it was hard to read and because of this the characters were not as welleveloped as I like I found my self tuning pages to get to the end While I have many books that are old friends and I reread often this will not be one of them. Darkens From a proud father regretting his lost love to a compromised French noblewoman from a hanged girl to Vermeers own gifted aughter Susan Vreelands beautiful and luminous tales link to form an evocative jewel. .
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Girl in Hyacinth BlueThe painting comes to life in each Owners Eyes Beautiful Heartfelt Descriptions A Real eyes Beautiful heartfelt escriptions A real or art The author shows great love and respect for vermeers work uite a good book in my view started in the present traced the origin back It wasn t the sort of book I couldn t put own but it was enjoyable it had "A BEGINNING MIDDLE AN INTERESTING END ORDERED THIS AS "beginning middle an interesting end ordered this as said UK145 it arrived 136 hmm I am so glad that I idn t read the reviews I La légende du sexe surdimensionné des Noirs didn t even read the back of the jacket so the story unravelled itself gradually without me having any idea of what it was about apart from a paintingor what was comingWhat a clever idea When I got to the end I read it backwards chapter by chapterBrilliant This book was praised in a book review by a tv personality and as it sounded like a good read I tried it myself It was entertaining butidn t ring many bells for me I can t really believe in the characters and their feelings about the painting This book was recommended to me by my mother and typically I adore the books that she suggests However this book left me wanting and was not as good as I was expectingThe story follows the path of a Vermeer painting from present time to when the picture was created several hundred years ago Through the story it passes through 7 owners The painting is escribed as a beautiful you I loved this book I read it years ago but forgot the title and author I just remembered the theme and vivid images from some chapters I think it is beautifully written and intriguing I am so happy I stumbled over it again I have it on my Kindle bought a hard copy for myself and many of my friends and family will get it from me as a gift I will certainly read works by Susan Vreeland Girl in Hyacinth Blue is a lovely historical fiction with a twistthe tale is told backwards starting fr. Susan Vreelands GIRL IN HYACINTH BLUE was shortlisted for the ABA Best Novel of the Year award and is a hugely absorbing fictional portrait of Vermeers aughter sure to appeal to any reader of THE GIRL WITH THE PEAR. Om the present and working its way back in time The main character is a paintingsupposedly a rare original by Vermeer Knowing nothing about art history this means little to me Luckily you on t have to know art history to enjoy the little to me Luckily you on t have to know art history to enjoy the you know art history to enjoy the You need to enjoy readingThe painting currently hangs in the home of a man whose father willed him the painting The man anguishes over the idea that his father got the Pour une anthropologie des images during a Nazi raid on a Jewish home I thought that was going to be the story line but that is not really what the book is about The plot follows the history of the painting back in time to when the artist painted the portrait of hisaughterThe brief glimpse into each family s lives is just enough to make you wanting to learn about that group of people The idea of a painting or any object for that matter touching so many people throughout history makes me even intrigued by the ideaThe characters are gentle and endearing The story kept me readingI finished the book in two Agir dans un monde incertain - Essai sur la démocratie technique days The setting Holland makes the novel a bit exoticI think you will enjoy the beauty and gentleness of this unusual historical fictionMelissa But the uestion of how Cornelius s father obtained the painting heeftly avoided I id not know "him well enough to press further without being pushy Not knowing this which he so carefully "well enough to press further without being pushy Not knowing this which he so carefully private I could not believe it to be genuine I finished the brandy and extricated myself politely enough thinking so what if it is isn t a Vermeer The painting s exuisite Let the fellow enjoy it At the opening of the novel Cornelius a college professor has a secret It s a secret he s never shared with anyone outside of his own family Finally he ecides to trust a colleague and shows him into a special room inside his house where his treasure lies His secret treasure is a painting so valu. L EARRING by Tracy Chevalier Subtle and atmospherican impressive ebut Publishers WeeklyHere is the story of an imaginary painting by Vermeer and the aspirations and longings of those whose lives it illuminates and. ,