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Describes a life and adventure few know aboutSalter excellent writer Very original very enjoyable Character study that #goes a long way to understanding unusual individuals Unlike most of the reviewers here I #a long way to understanding unusual individuals Unlike most of the reviewers here I highly disappointed in this so called classic novel I have read most of James Salter s novels and honestly found this unusually unsatisfactory Having spent his early life in the USAF he was brilliant in The Hunters not just describing how aerial warfare in Korea actually worked but in analysing the rivalry and suabbles between pilotsThis book ave me no sense whatsoever of the character of the main protagonist and most of the other principals His love scenes were almost embarrassing in their lack of depthAfter a strong start it seemed to drift into different sections with no link or developmentand frankly I Petit Poilu Poche - Tome 14 - En piste les andouilles ! got so frustrated and bored Iave up before the endMaybe if I had ever been a mountaineering enthusiast I would have enjoyed it but risking your life and the lives of possible rescuers for not much reason seemed foolhardy and utterly selfishSalter s narrative about the English climbers from the lower orders no code background beliefs etc replacing the aristocrats who preceded them were actually offensive and inaccurate James Salter is of America s finest writers and his skills here match his other booksClimbing and the inmost soul are Salter s subjects here and he captures both with unerring eye and literary skills Because he never overwrites the casual reader may not fully appreciate the challenges that the author meets so elegantly God and the devil are in the details and in climbing as in flying about which Salter has written so well lack of attention to detail can kill in ins Buy It Because You love Salter If you don t know Salter don t worry "I Didn T Either "didn t either last year shame Salter writes books that you can finish and immediately want to reread He s a writer in the same class as Markham and Hemingway He may be the best American writer in the last 50 yearsBack to Solo Faces This book is nominally about rock climbing but like everything that Salter writes it s really about relationshipsa little about male female ones but deeply about male male friendships and rivalries And very deeply about men s internal dialogue This self conversation one filled with loathing lust hope doubt and notions of courage is where Salter is the master His tales leave the reader with the sense of Rand lives free; lean pure and defiant the world has little influence on him His passion is climbing the mountains the huge vertical faces There where storms snow or. ,

Solo Faces (Penguin Modern Classics)Orward to reading Salter s other novels Dark and romantic with a reat and interesting protagonist this novel is about a loner a climber his loves #his fascination with climbing and mountains his deceptions his jealousies his fraught friendships with other climbers #fascination with climbing and mountains his deceptions his jealousies his fraught friendships with other climbers hardships the unbearable cold his altruism mixed with arrogance his degeneration and ultimate ruin all told in beautiful language and clipped dialogues This book and its main character has stayed in my mind for a long time after reading I was not interested particularly in mountain climbing and after reading this might never try it but it s a fascinating inside look at situations few people experience I found the main character enigmatic look at situations few people experience I found the main character enigmatic sympathetic and the many secondary characters provide limpses of completely different experiences of life Would recommend The enigmatic lead character is as aloof and unapproachable as the mountains he is urged to climb I found this a rather cold and uninspiring work by this rediscovered novelist I bought this book as I enjoy inspiring adventure books This novel is a character study of an isolated climber who becomes somewhat of a legend but continues to struggle with interpersonal relationshipsFrom a climbing perspective I found the stories mildly unfulfilling but understand now that that is not the central theme of the novel But importantly I particular found the interpersonal relationships unfulfilling Starting in Los Angeles where this common worker lived with a woman and her son initially as a renter and eventually as a lover Cut uickly to Europe to two significant and unfulfilled relationships although one has long standing conseuences Back to Santa Barbara for a reunion with a fellow hunter and his wife ending in unsatisfied conflictOk I m sure I ll be hammered as not intelligent enough to et it But the book did not satisfy my fascination with thrilling rock climbs and it certainly didn
T Satisfy My Desire 
satisfy my desire watch characters connect in a fulfilling mannerOK read but not a classic A beautifully written book in a very spare unemotional way yet lyrical poetic and fascinating Men climb mountains why Sometimes there is no answer only the urgency And what of the life they live when they are not on the mountain How can a connection with another person be sustained when there is a mountain between you Salter was an artist with words whose colors were primarily ray white and dark a real accomplishment. S suddenly famous for a daring rescue in the Alps What happens when passion is spent and what becomes of heroes is revealed in this terse and powerfully written nove.

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His strugglea sense that sticks to you like a recurring dreamAnd when it comes to describing and capturing a city or country s essence I challenge you to find someone who does it betterHe began to see France not just a mountain village filled with tourists but the deep invincible center which if entered at all becomes part of the blood Of course he did not know the meaning of the many avenues Carnot or boulevards Jean Jaur s the course he did not know the meaning of the many avenues Carnot or boulevards Jean Jaur s the named Gambetta Hugo even Pasteur The pageant of kings and republics was nothing to him even Pasteur The pageant of kings and republics was nothing to him the way in which a Petit Poilu - Tome 3 - Pagaille au potager (nouvelle maquette) great civilization preserves itself this was what he unknowingly saw For France is conscious of its brilliance Torasp it means to sit at its table sleep beneath its roofs marry its childrenFrance was like a Petit Poilu - Tome 2 - La Maison Brouillard (nouvelle maquette) great uarreling family the Algerians the old women with their dogs the people in restaurants the police a huge bickering family bound eternally by hatred and bloodParis it was like areat terminal he was already leaving with a multitude of signs neon and enamel repeated again and again as if announcing a performance The people of Paris with their cigarettes and dogs the stone roofs and restaurants Petit Poilu - Tome 7 - Kramik la canaille (nouvelle maquette) green busesray walls he had held their attention a moment James Salter is extremely Petit Poilu - Tome 11 - L'hôpital des docteurs Toc-Toc gripping in his observations and story telling Cleary a man who has livedand this so true in his writing This novelives us moments and episodes in the life of Rand at which the meaning of his life seems to crystallise Rand is effortlessly heroic in his climbing and finds beauty in finding routes that harmonise his oneness with ice and ranite He looks after others from the first chapter on eventually performing a daring rescue for two Italian climbers one of whom is injured Eventually one day he cannot overcome a peak he takes on and he feels he has climbed so that others will envy himMeanwhile he has relationships with a series of women always realising when the opportunity of commitment is there lamenting sometimes that it is no longer possible for him but always taking the path of moving on the mountains are where his being isThematically this has echoes of The Hunters another excellent novel of Salter s except that there the uest is to be a top ace fighter pilot in the Korean War The differences are as clear as the echoes though the world of climbers is uite unlike that of fighter pilots though luck plays a reat part in each and so does envy or potential envyI look Rockfall can kill he finds his happiness sometimes climbing with others sometimes alone This is a novel of obsession and where it leads Rand not intending it become.

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