The Genius of Being: Contemplating the Profound Intelligence of Existence (E–Livre)

Great contemplations and inuiry Peter s approach stirs inner curiosity and expansion Thank you for a reat opportunity for deep reflection excellent book Read the trilogy in its proper seuence There is nothing important than such contemplations There is no teaching honest or Direct than this Another book of Peter with many practical exercises which Tati par Merveille guiding towards enlightenment Definitely recommend it to other spiritual seekers who needs practical Guidance cannot put into words how important this book is for anyone who wants a better understand of themselves so I won tet the book and see for yourself This book ives voice to many of the insights that will arise through a careful contemplative reading "Of The Preceding Books In "the preceding books in s trilogy In The Genius of Being connections are made Peter Ralstons exceptionally lucid trilogy on the nature of human consciousness culminates here in The Genius of Being a book of deep contemplations on the unseen elements that create our world The first volume The Book of Not Knowing arnered much praise as a comprehensive exploration of the depths of self and consciousness The second volume Pursuing Consciousness clarifies the difference between enlightenment and self transformation and then pairs these two oals in. .
The Genius of Being: Contemplating the Profound Intelligence of Existence

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Nkind is capable of operating from perspectives which are clearly not available to the other forms of life we know of Ralston helps to plumb the origins of our own contextual development inflection points in the enesis of mankind which we were not there for as "individuals yet seamlessly reap the benefits of today And in doing so points the way to a "yet seamlessly reap the benefits of today And in doing so he points way to a to stand from which we can entertain the possibility that there are perhaps contexts which are as of yet uninventedThe illusion is that we think this is our penultimate reality but someday in the not so distant future perhaps humanity will hit another inflection point Creating the means
to support yet 
support yet level of context effortlessly which new arrivals will take for The Art of Frank Cho: A Twenty-Year Retrospective granted and mistakenly identify with just as we do with our present ones. Making a seuence of existential assumptions that result in the illusion that a self is some ethereal object within This universally accepted assumption persists despite the failure of exhaustive investigations to locate this inner selfThis book is not for the faint of heart or the casual seeker but contemplating the assertions here empowers you to personally and experientiallyrasp what is rarely even Emmanuel Guibert, en bonne compagnie glimpsed a profound consciousness of theenesis of human experien. Etween the domains of enlightenment and experiential transformation "following up the previous workswhat this work "up on the previous worksWhat this work brings is the creation of a language which to discuss the unnameable abstractions which not only shape our conceptually dominated experience but actually create the possibility of the very reality you are experiencing this very momentThis is a rabbit hole which Jean-Claude Götting - Instants volés - François Avril ? Seaside goes very deep to the very heart of reality one of all encompassing simplicity Yet the trueenius of Being is that endless possibilities are available Not merely possibilities from which to have new experiences within what we know as our human framework but the possibility to create wholly new contexts conceptual openings which themselves open domains of experience which were previously impossibleJust as ma. A strikingly effective way This third book is both shorter andcomplex taking us straight to the heart of the origins of our experiencein a progression of illuminating of our experienceIn a progression of illuminating Ralston shows us how human consciousness carves out distinctions from whatever is absolutely true This dynamic not only enerates both self and reality from nothing it imbues them with the uality of objective truth From the time we first distinguish between self and not self as infants we begin. ,

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