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 The Law and the PromiseInformation and understanding As a big fan of

Neville I Was Surprised 
I was surprised Find This Out *find this out It is an important bit of works and shows the growth of Neville Great methods for application for people at different stages of their journey of growth and others who are simply curious After receiving the second Rhonda Bryne book The Power I decided to order this first Neville Goddard Neville book Upon reading it I felt totally awakened and inspired and nded up reading all his titles It was just before the birth of my second child and surprisingly I Anthropologie du geste sportif : la construction sociale de la course à pied ended up having a C Section plus complications which lasted several month However Neville was with me in hospital and I was very relaxed during the whole labour I applied mind techniues afterwards and my healing irrespective of complications was A1 Not only that my h I m not reviewing Neville here because for those who know Neville he doesn t need a review But I love that the Kindledition of this is book is a facsimile Dernières Séances : Cent ans d'exploitation des salles de cinéma edition of the original DeVorss publication AND is text searchable Thank you What an incredible and marvellous book this is I m only half way through but I think I will be re reading The Law and the Promise for the rest of my life I certainly hope so Neville s words paint such a clear and vivid picture of how we should live our lives with the feeling of the wish fulfilled Living fully in our imagination Imagining the very best for ourselves and others and fullyxpecting it to manifest in our physical reality And who wouldn t feel better living that way Neville is one of the great metaphysical teachers and so many current LoA practitioners and teachers are regurgitating his words and concepts Read this book Imagine a better life for yourself with the feeling of the wish fulfilled and watch it become reality Thank you Neville Goddard I bought this book many years ago in a used book store and lent it to a frien. An unabridged dition with all fifteen chapters and footnotes to include Authors Foreword THE LAW Imagining Creates Reality. .
Ecause he packs alot of punch If you study learn and apply his teachings your life will transform Overall really liked this book Reminded me of Napoleon Hill s book Think Grow Rich Inspiring stories *Of People Who Focused Their Attention Beliefs *people who focused their attention beliefs Reaped The Rewards Of Law the rewards of law attraction Only thing I didn t care too much for was the Christian religious undertones that became freuent toward the nd I m not religious and it was a bit much for my liking but I skimmed over these parts and still Les Italiens en France depuis 1945 enjoyed the book I was not brought up as a Christian so it was hard to read due to its heavy use of Biblical uotes but once I got past that block it wasasy to understand the central message of the book Imagination is Histoire Sanitaire et Sociale everything Hindus call it Maya This book teaches you the fundamentals of how inverything manifest in our lives and how to CONSCIOUSLY manifest Culture écrite et Société everything that we want in life and leave out things we don t Grand daddy of Abraham and all other recent Attraction literature The Law the Promise presents a collection ofnjoyable stories told by people who successfully applied Neville s techniue to manifest their desires using their creative imagination Each story is preceded by a short introduction by Neville In the last part of the book Neville relates some transcendent mystical xperiences he had I know for myself that Neville s techniue truly works as transcendent mystical xperiences he had I know for myself that Neville s techniue truly works as have fulfilled many desires using it I wholeheartedly recommend this pleasant little book That I was a NG acolyte all these years But now that I want to manifest greater desires I no longer wish it to be use my imagination in a random fashion His teachings resonated in all of the many times I manifested my desires from the wearing of an imaginal wedding ring getting pregnant when the doctor said we would not become parents manifesting money when we became jobless dream house in a beautiful uiet place getting out of deb. Er Into Things Which Do Not Appear The Potter Attitudes All Trivia The Creative Moment THE PROMISE Four Mystical Experiences. D several years ago but never got it back It s that kind of book I thought it was out of print until I found it on If you believe in the unbelievable or desperately want to understand how to change your life for the better this book gives you a remarkable method to do that Neville was a mystic who was born in 1905 and died in 1972 In his lifetime he published at least 10 books on the power of imagination and the mystical connections to God and Man and gave national seminars teaching the techniues of meditation and self realization to ourselves create wealth create all the wonders we can dream of through and desire and how what we want and need can manifest into reality It is well worth the inexpensive price as are his other books available on This book is a summary of many true stories of how his techniues worked for many of his students This is a great book I La science contre l'opinion : Histoire d'un divorce enjoyed reading this book The book was very informative I will read by this author I had not known of Neville before I found him mentioned in Gregg Braden s new book The Lost Mode of Prayer I m glad my curiosity led me to NevilleThe Law and The Promise is an unassumingasy read Filled with xamples from the lives of real people it shows the way to move mountains one of Jesus teachings that had always puzzled meRead it with an open mind Read it with an open heart And when you decide to put into the Law into action be sure to keep a journal an open heart And when you decide to put into the Law into action be sure to keep a journal what you have imagined Results can come so uickly that without a journal or diary you may not be able to see the connection between the Law and the OutcomesThis book won t go into my library but will stay in my stack of read these now books for periodic review It s that goodPhyllis Staff PhDauthorHow to Find Great Senior Housing and128 Ways to Prevent Alzheimer s and Other Dementias Some people read the Bible veryday I read Neville I love Neville s books Dwell Therein Turn the Wheel Backward There Is No Fiction Subtle Threads Visionary Fancy Moods Through the Looking Glass Ent. .

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