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The info in this book Is Valuable And Uite Uniue valuable and uite uniue will be using the Moon s nodes in my future astrology workThamk youMelina No book can be compared with this masterpiece This is much better than the average node book Compares the western and the vedic views on Nodes toward an integrative approach Feeling strong affinities with Vedic Astrology I couldn t relate thoroughly to er understanding of it but still it is good and onest which is not so common Also you will find lots of case exemples and those are true teachings The best part of the book is in my opinion the lengthy lecture that opens it The cook book section that follows I find uite solid too though not as useful Honestly you can learn a lot from this book I Recommend It I Am Very Interested recommend it I am very interested the topic of the Lunar Nodes I first became acuainted with the topic through Jan Spiller s book Astrology for the Soul That book is a fairly widespread resource on the topic addressing each ouse and each sign It was a fair introduction to the topic and I would say a good place for beginners I then purchased a book called Lunar Nodes by Celeste Teal which is simply fantastic It is a comprehensive review of the North and South Nodes by Sign and House each planets conjunct trine or suare each nodes planets trasiting the Nodes Transits of the Nodes to planets Progressions and in Synastry It is also stable and balanced This is a great book for people looking for depth and insightWanting to explore and add to my knowledge I purchased this The most complete textbook on the Lunar Nodes in print by award winning author Beautifully illustrated by the author No st.

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 The Lunar Nodes: Your Key to Excellent Chart InterpretationOok I am disappointed This book is complete rubbish FAR FROM BEING A IT ADDRESSES THE VENUS from being a resource it addresses the Venus South Node and which body parts might go missing and moves on from there It is not systematic is full of anecdotal references and uite simply lacking in objective information I spent 10 minutes giving it a fair review and was progressively and disappointed This is the first book I ve returned to Proceed cautiously or save your time and money Celeste Teal s book is much worth your investment One of the best books you can find on this topic The book is very well researched material balanced and free of any personal egotistical judgments The author knows what she is doing and what the purpose of er message is Buy with confidence Excellent book I learned so much about
*the lunar nodes *
Lunar nodes reading this book The examples from clients were a Rouge. Histoire d'une couleur hugeelp Awesome book on the North and South Nodes I Histoire de la fatigue - Du Moyen Âge à nos jours have many books on Nodes but none of the books are so full of real life examples This is book is absolutely awesome because it gives examples of manifestations and when I checked with my clients and family members they prove so many situations I absolutely recommend this book to read It s also an easy read Iave ordered other books from this author too If you re an astrologer or a student studying astrology and you don t ave this book you need to fix that Judith breaks down some of the lesser known traditional meanings of the nodes from 3 different cultural perspectives and it s amazing One left unturned Vivid examples Transit and Natal Nodes East and West interpretations Medical Nodes Nodes and Death Trans. ,
Ou won t regret gold The best book on the subject by far Not cookie cutter really gets into the depth and complexity of the subject This the subject by far Not cookie cutter really gets into the depth and complexity of the subject This is for someone who is grounded in basics of Astrology Planets Signs and Houses if you are not familiar with basics I recommend either The Inner Sky by Stephen Forrest or All Around the Zodiac by Bill TierneyThe moon s nodes show the flow of spiritual energy entering and leaving our souls just like we eat food in one end and out the other we continually take in spirit and convert it to experience When spiritual energy uits flowing through us we are dead And the way we each take it in and let it go is uniue to each of us So this is worth thinking about This is a very worthwhile topic that is freuently overlooked by many Astrologers The book gives a very thorough treatment including transits by the Nodes something that almost nobody talks about but I think you ll see that they ave been doing some important stuff in your life to natal points and transits by planets to the natal nodes Understanding the moon s nodes is a pre reuisite for one of the most interesting and provocative topics in Astrology Karma and reincarnation Might be useful as a reference but not a core text Also lots of stuff the smacks of Medieval soothsaying I ll Keep this book as a curious reference but their are in my opinion much better core books on this topic And one needs to La révolution maritime 1914-1945 : Du cuirassé au porte-avion have a wide deep understanding of Astrology to be able to apply node info Hill is adamant about thin. Its to and from the Nodes Signs and Houses Philosophy of the Nodes Includes transcribed rare lecture material and much muc.