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The Neurotic Notebook Kindle Edition

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Ity to it It s intimate and touching than just a table book This was intimate and touching than just a table book This was a great purchase for someone who works creatively It s a functional notebook but also contains clever poetic and visual one liners throughout Highly recommend I just bought two of The Neurotic Notebook one for me and one as a gift for my friendAs a person who loves Notebooks and Books I could t be happier by having two in the price of oneEach page esign is so creative and funSupper happy with my purchase Really fun and neat mixture of esign emotion and. Forms While each page stands on its own read together they form the confessions of a #college ruled notebook lost in the igital age Engaging witty and lighthearted The # ruled notebook lost in the igital age Engaging witty and lighthearted The Notebo.

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This is such a witty and smart BookOn Each Page I Discover One Of each page I iscover one of own secret thoughtsA playful and fun use of typography and page layoutElise C What a funny and smart book very playfulI really love how the authors plays with words and forms in a very smart way that reflects everyone neurotic thoughtsI laughed a lot It s a must have on your bookshelf or coffee table and a super nice gift Loved it Opening this notebook to any page will put a smile on your face Witty and elightful this book has a surprisingly human and relatable ual. A collection of 100 witty and #Visually Striking One Liners For # one liners for changing times The Neurotic Notebookplayfully explores the relationship between the meaning of words and their visual. .

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Clever literary tools Reminds me Of EE Cummings This Would EE Cummings This would a great gift for the person in your life who has a pun for everything anyone who likes to journal or just someone who feels like the world oesn t uite get them sometimes Highly recommended This book was phenomenal I was laughing by myself every single page It also made think It s full of
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sarcasm playfulness around English language I love it for me and I think it would be a great gift to anyoneDon t hesitate to buy you will be pleasedThis author has a lot of talent. Okreports its journey from self Cyborg Kuro-Chan 02. doubt to self affirmation A surprising mix of graphicesign humor and self help The Neurotic Notebookwill appeal to lovers of riddles and creative esi. ,

The Neurotic Notebook