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Aquarian Tarot in a Tin PaperbackAquarian Tarot Deck #15 PaperbackThe New Palladini Tarot Cards[New Palladini Tarot] [Author: Palladini, David] [May, 1997] CardsAquarian Tarot: Italian Edition Cards

Calendrier chevalet Marmiton 365 recettes Qu'est ce qu'on mange ce soir ? lAnd Moon cards and do not make an appearance anywhere in the tarot some decks show the dog in 10 Coins Iike to see the dogs in my readings as symbols of oyalty and trust In this deck I miss them Thanks The uality of these cards is amazing They have matte finish incredible to shuffle They are very heavy which I oveThe art is beautiful and original and the color palette is uniueI give four stars because of the back of the cards it is just ugly These amazing deck deserves something better I really ike these cards I just got them FOR SOME REASON THEY HAVE A some reason they have a clean feel to them The images can be a bit unusual as the human beings seem to have faces that are a Bit Elongated But That S Part Of elongated but that s part of style The Card stock is of very good uality and they re very easy to shuffle Very pleased with them and I ook forward to using them regularly Love Mini calendrier - 365 devinettes délirantes loveove these cards Connected with them instantly and ove the energy they give off these cards definitely speak to me intuitively and they re a good size on good card stack I think they will withstand high maintenance use for readings and of course ones own intuition is to be used when reading Very powerful cards which highly recommend Cards are far too narrow pictures are distorted wrong shape altogther and they ook odd indeed The person I gave them to was NOT impressed I have an original New Palladini set and it is totally different Very disappointed. Egyptian Renaissance and modern art in an original styl. I had the Auarian Tarot by Mr Palladini tarot and saw this by him and was drawn to the beautiful artwork It has now become my go to deck for my readings The artwork is stunning the High Priestess being one of my favorites It s a nice deck very colorful but a bit too arge to shuffle for me I ve used it a few times already I just have to get used to it It is balanced and onpoint than another deck I purchased months ago That deck skewed very negative not this deck thankfully This deck has grown on me When i first saw the pictures online i thought first saw the pictures online I thought of the faces and proportions ooked a bit odd However I really do ove the u Another outstanding Deck From This Talented Artist I Was from this talented artist I was the original Auarian Tarot in the 80 s I was delighted to discover this one recently Beautiful art and excellent uality I ove it Really a beautiful deck This deck is appropriate for beginners or experienced tarot readers alike Most definitely inspired by RWS traditional imagery and symbolism it has enough accessibility to be an easy transfer if you re accustomed to reading with RWS What I appreciate the most is the color scheme The coloring is complex than say the Universal Waite or regular Rider Waite Smith types but is not distracting Some Reviewers Don T Like don t ike reduced symbolism But what I ve found is that instead of the symbolism being reduced it s the situational aspect particularly with the minor arcana For examp. David Palladini creator of the best selling Auarian Taro. Le the 5 of Swords shows the Swords Retained By The Main Figure And retained by the main figure and other swords ying on the ground but skips shows the swords retained by the main figure and the other swords ying on the ground but skips images of two people walking away This is in no way a flaw but if you prefer the metaphors to be clearer this deck will present some challenges Similarly the 4 of Rods shows the temporary festive structure but not the celebrants So the symbols are there for interpretation but they re not ocked in as it were by a situation or populated sceneExcellent material typical to US Games decks on thick plastic covered card stock so they re sturdy and smooth I do recommend this deck highly Am a collector and a reader and when saw this deck knew it had to have it Beautiful colors and artwork that spoke Palladini has put together this newer version One of myall time favorites is my original Auarian deck Palladinihas created this new version which is brightly colored andbrings in a new feeling of ease to read If you enjoy brightlycolored deck with great images you might just enjoy Havingthis One At Hand I one at hand I this deck it is attractively illustrated and uite traditional Unlike so many modern decks David Palladini is making an honest tarot not trying to make his point using the tarot as a vehicle It is the first deck since the marseilles that I have felt comfortable with in reading for people of any age or belief systemWhy only four stars thenWell does he not ike dogs they have gone from both the Fool. T deck has created a deck combining elements of medieval. .

Summary The New Palladini Tarot

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 The New Palladini Tarot