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En doing menial tasks just bear in mind "that this can happen really designs on "this happen really beautiful designs on cards and packaging it s also really well thought out packaging because the box is designed to be used in conjunction with the cards unfortunately the uality of whatever the cards are printed on isn t great so when laying them out they group together making it difficult to spread them properly and venly I also personally find the descriptions and meanings behind these cards super vague and harder to interpret in comparison to say a tarot deck Very pretty deck love the box and booklet is informative Thick matte card stock can be a little hard to shuffle until it s broken in if you re like me and not the best shuffler These cards arrived on time Great to connect with my new Starseed oracle cards Great spiritual guidance and awakening from the very first shuffle Love how they guide me 90 Days 90 Ways (English Edition) every day and travel with meverywhere I go Very colorful cards I use it as for what universe has to say to your cards or divine messages which is very good because it helps you to understand what you are looking for. D to the cosmic nergy beyond Each card interpretation includes a Starseed call to action to help "you to unlock your soul gifts connect with your cosmic origins and remember who you truly "to unlock your soul gifts connect with your cosmic origins and remember who you truly The innovative triangle box design is a technology in itself providing interactive card reading options and can also be used as a beautiful altar piec. This Oracle Deck is a must have if you feel any connection to the cosmic forces around youThey are the most uniue deck I have come across and the art work is divineThey are a completely different method of reading oracle cards and I cannot recommend them nough These oracles cards are BEAUTIFUL High uality made nice and thick with a luxury matt smooth finish The book that comes with it is so valuable helps you "to connect with the cards before reading and gives fabulous in "connect with the cards before reading and gives fabulous in Le tabac en son temps: De la séduction à la répulsion explanations of the meanings ofach card and an affirmation to accompany it So grateful to Rebecca and Danielle for creating these beautifully thought out and deep meaningful cards Highly recommend This deck is so beautifully made and presented in the interactive box it comes in La Méthode Infaillible Du Guerrier Pour Arrêter De Fumer Définitivement: Comment battre la cigarette à plate couture everyone will want to own a set Beautifully written and illustrated from the heart I found the deck to be very inspirational and uplifting very positive I feel very connected to the spiritual realm using these cards andasily one of my favourite Oracle decksI cannot wait to use it with my friends an clients Oh my gosh so beautiful and wi. Activate your cosmic nergy and awaken the whispers of your soul through the lost lands nergy portals and ancient sites of this beautiful 53 card oracleHave you always had a lost lands Allen Carr's Quit Smoking Without Willpower: Be a Happy Nonsmoker energy portals and ancient sites of this beautiful 53 card oracleHave you always had a for home without really knowing what that meant If so you could be a Starseed Soul one who has incarnatedlsewhere in the cosmos before your time on EarthThe. Th soothing positive inspiring messages Gorgeous packaging and I LOVE the colours Thank you The deck completely resonates with me in Become a non-smoker smoking with nicotine-free cigarettes: www.TheNicotineFreeCigarette.com (English Edition) every way possible The illustrations are absolutely breathtaking and they are great uality cards Super fast shipping they were delivered in less then 4 days after purchase 1110 recommend this product The cards themselves are great and while the uniue style of packaging looks really nice it s actually not very practical Because it is so different tovery other

card deck i 
deck I I own 18 in total I tend to pick it up from the "top when getting it from my shelf just like I would all my "when getting it from my shelf just like I would all my card decks This of course causes the bottom to fall out This has happened 2 or 3 times and it s only fallen a short distance and on to carpet but it was Allen Carr's Easy Way for Women to Quit Smoking enough for the bottom of the packaging to be almost completely ruined I ve had to hold it together with tape but obviously this is less than ideal and I m really upset that I ve only just bought these cards and this it s what s happened So while the cards are great anyone who can tend to be a bit absentminded or preoccupied wh. 53 cards in this oracle are designed to support you on your soul's path andmbody who you truly are They guide you to connect with the portal to your heart remember who you are at soul level and unlock your soul's giftsIn the accompanying guidebook you'll find instructions for attuning to your Starseed Oraclecards to your inner guidance an. .

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The Starseed Oracle: A 53-Card Deck and Guidebook