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Isation Minds hyper space battle ships nestling in a "STAR S PHOTOSPHERE FABULOUSBEFORE I CONTINUE WITH THE REST " s photosphere FabulousBefore I continue with the rest the Culture novels I thought I d give this #collection of short stories a go Well I have to say I m not impressed and #of short stories a go Well I have to say I m not impressed and m so glad I didn t start here instead of with Consider PhlebasRoad of Skulls Not bad a traditional style short story with a thrown in twistA Gift from the Culture I couldn t see the pointOdd attachment Just annoying A ridiculous play on She Loves Me She Loves Me Not With A Juvenile EndingDescendant me she loves me not with a juvenile ndingDescendant good but a rather obvious ndingCleaning Up Liked this onePiece Really liked this oneScratch Yes Having read all of Banks Scifi a decade ago and now revisiting them The State of the Art is the only one I have never read not being a massive fan of short stories This collection demonstrates lists this as book 4 in the Culture series I don t think it belongs in the seriesAlthough it contains some Culture short stories the uality is far lower and when you are 3 books into T Story) author Iain M. Banks This is the best. ,

I first read this ago #BUT RECENTLY I THOUGHT #recently I ve thought of some of the Culture books It seems the stories in this collection were around the same time as Iain M Banks debut Culture novel Consider Phlebas I thought the title story worked well while the others were a bit of a mixed bunch Some I njoyed Descendant Cleaning Up while others didn t appeal as much Although claims this was the fourth book in the Culture series it takes a couple of chapters before you realise it s nothing of the kind Taking the book on its merits a set of random stories some were mildly La ménopause au jour le jour - Découvrez comment alléger vos symptômes entertaining but overall this book felt like a self indulgent foray for the author into random topics from Sovietra politics to over stereotyped Cockney characters Some funny one liners but overall one to consider skipping I ve read two Iain M Banks novels The Wasp Factory and Consider Phlebas twice I ve loved both of them What I find appealing about Consider Phlebas is the fantastic imagery of a soaring technological civil. Amazing Kindle Epub, The State Of The Art (Shor.

Characters The State Of The Art (Short Story)

He Culture series it stands out badlyIf you read series #find yourself a of Banks or his Culture books then this book is a little something xtra you might like #yourself a fan of Banks or his Culture books then this book is a little something xtra you might like buy but it is in no way on par with the rest of the books in the Culture series Or any of Banks full novels so I recommend you skip this book in the series and just buy something Ménopause: Bien passer le cap else Against a Dark Background Feersum Endjjin are bothxcellent books by Banks though not in the Culture series but will give you much better value for money Ce livre contrairement aux autres livres d Iain Banks n Au bonheur des femmes: La vérité sur les hormones est pas une seule histoire mais une collection d histoires courtes La plus longuest The State of the Art d o le livre tire son titre Ce livre contient 8 histoires diff rentes ce I have been a regular reader of science fiction for 40 years and when I discovered Iain M Banks for the first time I realised he was among the most prominent s f writers of the century The State of the Art was the Les plaisirs secrets de la ménopause eighth book I did read from him Injoyed reading it. Favorite book with over 826 readers online here. The State Of The Art (Short Story)
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