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Chris Ware, la bande dessinée réinventée gI liked this book many of the prompts are thoughtful and thought provoking Most of the prompts I ve seen in other places but the authors wrote them beautifully and many resonated with me with their writingI am fascinated with the idea of the stories we tell ourselves and how we can create a beautiful and meaningful life by recreating these stories I was hoping for someuidance on how to do that The prompts are well written and ot me thinking then it suggests rewriting that story Yes I know I thought there might be techniues or steps On How To Actually how to actually through what better narratives I could write to improve my lifeA lot of time was spent on write to improve my lifea lot of time was spent on lobal lot of time was spent on J'existe, je me suis rencontré - Tome 0 - J'existe, je me suis rencontré global community uestions which is wonderful and I m certainly not against that but personally I m feeling inner reflective at this time in my life so I thought I d mention it for others if you are feeling the same It s a huge portion of the bookMy biggest complaint is a problem I see again and again with these kinds of books You can t really write it in The paper is thick and would handle most pens yet it won t lay flat In fact it doesn t open much at all unless you want to crank on the spine and it took both hands to hold it open Maybe most people would prefer to save the book and use a journal but then why am I paying for a huge thick book of blank paper Yes pretty Very pretty actually But I read every word in an hour or soFinal thoughts Great prompts and beautiful design Notreat if you want to write in it I will pass this one on to someone else and keep looking for something about rewriting our stories I just received my journal in the mail yesterday and I can t put it down The prompts are so thought provoking and it already has my brain rethinking about the stories I tell myself about myself It s beautifully bound and feels really high “This journal is beautiful It will help you find your voice and finally hold it sacred” ―Cleo Wade bestselling author of Heart Talk Transformational uestions for personal and collective changeIn this time of lobal reckoning revolution and reinvention authors Rebecca Walker and Lily Diamond invite you to excavate the narratives that have shaped your life and write a new fulfilling story for the future Consisting of 150 uestions―designed to be answered in as little. ,

 What's Your Story?: A Journal for Everyday EvolutionY 36 year old self 15 year old niece and 70 year old mother but it and 70 year old mother but it for any ender This book has treasures in it for all of usIn a year full of difficult reckonings I imagine that handing this to a loved one from any walk of life who may be hard to connect with could do wonders for advancing all sorts of relational conversations and topics that need to be facedI cannot wait to wrap up my work projects before the holidays and cozy up with this book for some profound reflection at the end of one of the hardest years in humanity s history Many thanks to these authors What s Your Story A Journal for Everyday Evolution is a profound and beautiful companion perfect for this L'Épervier, les escales d'un corsaire: Les escales d'un corsaire global yet deeply personal moment year lifetime of upheaval and reckoning It calls on the reader to examine her story as a changeable and ever evolving narrative influenced by sources far and wide Gift it to yourself and make its completion your New Year s resolution And thenift it to everyone you care about I ve only just begun and I already feel the healing and turning deep within Let me preface this by saying that I m a 37 year old mother of 2 and like many people found myself suffering emotionally in 2020 Calling it a midlife crisis sounds dramatic so I will say that I was in an identity crisis and was struggling to find my place in the world I decided that 2021 was my year to soul search row and live with mindful intention I saw this journal on IG when it was first released and it sounded like just what I needed on my journey so I bought it for myself for Christmas I m about 34 of the way through it and can not recommend it enough It covers every aspect of life and humanity and provokes thoughtfulness about why you feel how you feel about things and how you can use that to make choices you want to make instead of following a nar. Tality • Explore by theme Five themes color coded throughout each chapter allow you to explore a particular focus from beginning to end creativity and self expression; self care; activism; spirituality; and rief loss and the work of healing “Finding the voice to know write and speak your story can mean the difference between an existence of repressed silence and a life of joyful fulfillment” write the authors “Our stories have the power to limit or liberate us”.

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Ality I totally recommend this as a ift as well LOVE LOVE LOVE I saw this book at work library and bought LOVE I saw this book at work library and bought the same day I bought 1 copy for myself and 1 for my best friend s up coming birthday as we are both on a journey of self reflection I ve included some pics of the type of uestions and prompts that are in this journal They are thought provoking and designed to really dig deep and uncover the truth within yourself I really love this journal and can t wait to fill it out I think it would be a reat Albany - Intégrales - tome 0 - Trilogie Anglaise (Une) - Recueil gift toive and even better to ive one and then wait class="303d32300d34dbbc3331420265387414" style="color: #FFFF99; font-size: FEW YEARS AND GIVE ANOTHER few years and ive another see how the answers have changed and see if any Une Trilogie anglaise (tirage de tête) growth has been made I also like the neutral earth colors that punctuate the journal browns whites blues yellows TLDRreat journal for self discovery and Anti Alpha growthPrompts from pictures what do the people in your family think of you What is the story of you within your family How has that story informed your behaviors and relationships What limits you and what helps yourow Who are you when no one is looking Who are you today What is your first memory How has that memory informed your thoughts about yourself This bookjournal is full of mindful probing surprising and non judgmental cascades of uestions designed to help you take entle stock of your life and truly examine the ways you move through the world The one page chapter introductions are poignant and essential on an astounding breadth of topics to cover the arc of life from evolving body awareness to relationship to technology to acknowledging who walked this land before us I haven t worked through it yet I d like to do that slowly over the coming year but I anticipate my answers helping me find alignment amongst the different spheres of my lifeOh and the design is orgeous uncrowded yet evocativeI bought one for As five minutes or as long as a lifetime― What ’ s Your Story A Journal for Everyday Evolution is essential for anyone ready to begin living their most authentic creative and meaningful life • Explore by area of life Each chapter invites you to explore a different part of life as you move through your day―from waking up and encountering your mind to being in relationship with your body other people nature and technology to reflecting on community identity and mor. ,
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